Detail, Park & Fly!

Is there anything better than coming back from your vacation to a clean, warm, and ready to roll vehicle?
 We at Detail Plus can’t think of anything! That’s why we offer a service we call Detail, Park and Fly!

How it works

  • You drop bring your vehicle to us at 306 Edson Street
  • We detail your car with one of our standard packages
  • We shuttle you to/from the airport only 7 minutes away(during business hours)
  • We can also drop your car off at the airport and text you it's location

Why it's great

  • You come back to a freshly cleaned and warm car to drive home
  • Airport parking costs $112 for 7 days,
    parking, detailing and a shuttle is only $285-$300 with us!
  • We make it as convenient as possible for you to get your car cleaned while on vacation

Does this sound like a great idea to you too?